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Bike sizes

A new style of riding: LOGO Urban Sport

The comfort of an e-bike is one of the most important elements. The Urban Sport style of riding gives you the feeling that you are sitting ‘in’ the bike, instead of ‘on’ the bike. We made it possible to relax, enjoy and perform at the same time!

Define your bike size

Defining your bike size and fitting depends on your body height. We separate three different sizes based on three different body heights, which you’ll find in the table. The table gives you a complete overview of the measures and sizes of every single part and element of the e-bike.

If your body height is for example in-between size S and M (height 176 cm), you have to make a choice between the two different sizes. If you are a sporty driver, choose the smallest size. If you call yourself a relaxed driver, choose the biggest size.