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Speed: 25km/h

Battery: 36V, 250Wh

Recharge: 3Hours

Power: 250W

Torque: 40Nm

Connected: Bluetooth

Support: 3 level

Range: 50-75km

APP: LOGO branded App

Drive system pack

The FAZUA drive system consists of a removable motor and battery, which you can easily (re)charge via USB. Attach the drive system to the FS10 and it will connect with the robust geared and integrated bottom bracket that keeps track of your pedals.


The remote is provided with bluetooth connectivity, so download the FAZUA app in order to have full control over your e-bike and your performance. It allows you to special and advanced features that take your performance to a higher level, such as GPS, heartbeat tracking and access to navigation features, maps, statistics and more.