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  • XD02


    Ready for an urban ride

    Whether you’re heading to work or going for a little city ride, this model is exactly the one that lets you enjoy your trip. With mainly flat roads on your way, the 2 speed gearing, which is integrated in the bottom bracket, is all you need to experience full comfort.

    The Ebikemotion system allows you to have access and insight into all the details of your performance, such as speed and time. For full control you can simply connect the app on your phone to the XD02.

    The XD02 is an ultra light weight bike and is up to 30% lighter than market standards. The weight of the XD02 is only 16,5 kilo!

    When the battery is fully charged, it allows you drive up to 70 kilometres. Notice that your driving style influences the battery performance.

    Gearing: Kappstein Doppio 2 speed

    Simple & safe

    This bottom bracket drive system is one of the smallest gear systems on the market. Typical for the Kappstein Doppio is that the friction is reduced and the durability extended, so you’ll experience a joyful and comfortable trip. The system is fully integrated, clean and durable. These gearings have the highest quality and are made in Germany.

    Transmission: Gates carbon belt drive

    Clean & strong

    The gates belt keeps not only your clothing, but also your bike clean. The high tech carbon material is super light and offers you a smooth and silent ride.

    The crankset of the XD02 we have designed ourselves. Not only to make sure that it fits the system perfectly, but also to maintain the quality and the style. We made sure that the crankset is strong and light, just like the rest of the e-bike. Furthermore, we made sure that the crankset is clean and durable, because we think that are essentials.

    Once you took a ride on the bike, you will notice that we paid a lot of attention to the quality of the LOGO crankset.

    Brakes: Shimano Disc brakes

    Safe & predictable

    With the Shimano disc you are provided with the best of the best. The brakes guarantee maximum safety, they’re predictable and even race proven. The adjustability and accuracy allow you to have full control under any weather conditions. And when it comes to maintenance, well, don’t bother worry about that. These brakes are the strongest brakes in the market.

    Lights: Supernova LED

    Highest safety

    Regarding the lights we immersed ourselves in the car industry. The XD02 includes a front- and backlight of hight tech LED which are comparable with car lighting. In order to see clear and be visible for other traffic, the Supernova light has a range of 250º. Cycling at night has never been so bright.

    Tires: Continental

    Bigger is better

    The 700c wheel size and the big volume of the tires provide a great comfort while you’re driving. The big size also makes sure that you can take the turns safely. And above all, the tires have excellent puncture protection. So you don’t have to be afraid for a flat tire!